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Hello, I am Abigail Witt, and I use this website to keep track of some of my projects. Below are links to some projects and an explanation of how and why I developed them.

Chemist Penguin

I developed Chemist Penguin to combine my favorite animal, penguins, and chemistry. The summer before my senior year of high school, I knew that I wanted to make some form of a game, but I did not know what to do. I remembered my sophomore year where I had made a chemistry program using Java that was able to do some basic chemistry functions. I took this as inspiration to make a chemistry game that could be used as a learning tool for low-level chemistry classes.

This program was written using JavaScript, and I used InkSpace to create the various images. This was my first JavaScript program, so I began with simpler things. I made an index page and then a place where I would take in the name of the individual who wanted to play the game. I figured that only having one game would be very repetitive and boring, so I decided to make three different types of games: matching elements with symbols, balancing equations, and ordering elements. I decided to make a total of 10 levels, so I created a JavaScript file for each of the games and used objects to change them for the different levels. I first focused on the bones of the program and did not worry about the appearance of it. After I found the general program to be exceptable. I began to work on basic images and css to make the game more aesthetically appealing. I plan to continue to work on this program as my family has told me that this game is far too hard for middle schoolers or freshman to play.

Miles Till Wall Drug

This project was created with my brother. We divided the tasks of this program to use each others strengths. We thought that this program would be a fun program in which we could practice various programming skills. The program has signs that change when the page is reloaded and shows the distance as the crow flies to the infamous Wall Drug.